Front Desk

BFD Shari Kennedy


Patient Coordinator

Wanting to serve people in the medical field, Shari became interested in dentistry early on. She enjoys working with the wonderful team at Bush Family Dentistry, as they all share the same loving and caring attitude toward all patients. The most rewarding part of Shari’s job is contributing to ensure the best possible experience for Bush Family Dentistry’s patients, from the time they walk in to when they leave. Shari continually strives for excellence in all she does at Bush Family Dentistry and works to build a trust with all patients.



BFD Sarah Reidel


Patient Coordinator

Tessie found her way into the dentistry field through her passion for helping others. As a patient coordinator, she enjoys walking her patients through their visit from the initial phone call up until they walk out the front door after a great dental experience. Tessie looks forward to coming into work each day knowing she’ll be working with a tremendous team and she’ll be able to help her patients attain the healthy and beautiful smile they deserve.